520 Sauchiehall Street

We would like you to meet the cast of A Brisk Walk. Six very different characters provide the narrative of our journey through the hidden promise of buildings at risk. First up is 520 Sauchiehall Street the oldest and perhaps the most eccentric of them all. […]

Old buildings reborn with new music

Past, present and future jostle together in city streets.  We wander up an alley to find a beautiful Charles Rennie Macintosh building squeezed into an improbably tight space. Linger by the Finnieston Crane on the Clyde to hear music in the wind. Pause by an old factory in the East End to discover a new arts hub emerging inside.  […]

The hidden promise of Glasgow’s derelict buildings

Silent, empty, enigmatic, yet derelict buildings are often full of potential. A Brisk Walk invites you to explore the strange beauty and hidden promise of seemingly forgotten buildings. […]

Backstage Gossip: well beyond the Fringe

Backstage Gossip with Susan Morrison and Bruce Morton, takes us behind the scenes and well beyond the Fringe. Our research director Fay Young introduces the latest Walking Heads audio tour.  […]

Contraflow – by Clare Archibald

A woman alone and without pre-ordained purpose enters the echoing space of a multi-storey car park: this powerful piece by Scottish writer Clare Archibald opened an occasional series exploring the complex relationships of people and place. First published 12 August, 2016 this is one of the top reads on Walking Heads blog.   […]

Lucky for some: #LoveComedy Fringe draw

Best laid plans…and all that. Our first week’s Fringe competition has not been without incident thanks to hackers and high winds. But, hey, that’s show biz and we’re delighted to say that despite such hazards six talented people have won tickets to The Stand Comedy Club in the first six days. […]

Memory and music in multi-storey telling

Music, words and buildings – they all describe human experience in different ways. They’re also all important elements of Walking Heads projects so we are delighted to feature Contraflow, a powerfully evocative new work by writer Clare Archibald, on our blog later this week. But first a heads up: Brigid Mae Power, an inspirational element in the story, will be playing live at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow on 13 August.  […]

Win two tickets to The Stand every day during Fringe 2016

Do you love comedy? Then here’s an offer you surely can’t refuse.  Don’t miss this chance to win two tickets to top late night shows at The Stand Comedy Club every day during Edinburgh Festival Fringe in a daily draw from 2 – 26 August (tickets available from 4 – 28 August).  […]

Walking in tune with the Festival of Architecture

How did we get here?  We are really delighted to see Walking Heads audio tours listed among a wonderfully diverse programme of events happening across Scotland. But what, you might well ask, is Glasgow Music Tour doing in the Festival of Architecture Scotland 2016?  […]

Barony A Frame: a symbol of local pride

It’s visible from a long way off. We catch tantalising glimpses of it as the road winds round fields and farm buildings and then finally we arrive. Dark and stark against a cloudy June sky, the Barony A Frame towers above us; a monument to a way of life that has disappeared but also  – almost against the odds –  a symbol of local pride and hope. […]

Making it at T Break

Back in the mists of time, a young unsigned band loaded their kit into a van and set off on the long and winding road from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire for their first gig at T in the Park.  With this year’s T Break winners just announced it’s worth remembering what a gig in the unsigned band’s tent can lead to.  […]

MacSorleys: The Final Waltz

Gemma Brown pays tribute to MacSorleys and mourns the passing of a venue which brought heart, soul and much good reggae to the city centre. Now read on… […]