Glasgow Corners

We walk with Glasgow-based architect Niall Murphy and friends exploring the hidden twists and turns of Glasgow’s most captivating corners. Brought to you by Scottish Opera (produced by us) this tour celebrates the arrival of a spectacular new corner, welcoming the public into the grand old Theatre Royal.

Clydeside Promenade

From Govan in the West to Bridgeton in the East End, we walk upstream following the river as it flows through art and architecture, shipbuilding and trade, music and theatre, folklore and living memory, endings and beginnings... in short through the heart and soul of Glasgow itself.

Glasgow's Landmarks

From Glasgow Cathedral up to the Necropolis, from The Glasgow School of Art down to The Clydeport – this is a journey through changing times and shifting fortunes; history recorded in stone and steel, mahogany and marble. At each stop we meet experts who bring the buildings to life.

Glasgow Music Tour

Explore one of the world's greatest music cities. Find the basement club where Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos held his 99p nights. Discover why Glasgow is the favourite gig for musicians from Mogwai to Hue & Cry, Simple Minds to Led Zeppelin. DJ Jim Gellatly leads you to where it happens.
  • Technology solution: don’t be eclipsed

    We are inside the conference room ready to discover new technology solutions but the day begins with a dilemma. What do you do when the total eclipse of the sun clashes with your first keynote speaker? Answer: give the delegates a quick break.

  • Fragrant walks: let us lead you by the nose

    Breathe in. There’s an elusive scent in the air and it takes a moment or two to track it down. Come, let us lead you by the nose.

  • Cinema City: Glasgow Film Festival 2015

    As Glasgow gets ready to celebrate a long love affair with cinema, guest blogger Lucy Brouwer prepares for Glasgow Film Festival 2015 by exploring what’s on this year –  while reliving the adrenaline high of festivals past. 

  • Why the playful city has serious value

    The game’s afoot in the playful city.  The sun has set and night is creeping across the city. As you near a lamp post a shadow appears in front of you and seems to invite you to dance. Or jump. Or run, maybe? What do you do?

  • Walking and talking Glasgow Music Tour with Jim Gellatly

    Meet Jim Gellatly, not just the voice of new music in Scotland but the voice of Glasgow Music Tour.  Let’s join him now on Jim Lambie’s album pathway looking for his first gigs at the Barrowland.

  • We’ll take you to The River (on Glasgow Music Tour)

    We pass the disused warehouse which became a community arts space known as The Chateau (more about Franz Ferdinand later). And the Bridge Street lockups, home to illegal raves and underground parties – where visiting DJs and bands often end up after the show… where are we going?  Come, we’ll take you to The River […]

  • Exploring Strange Wales with Lucy Brouwer

    We follow music blogger Lucy Brouwer as she ventures out of her comfort zone into the Strange Wales Festival celebrating the centenary of Dylan Thomas, a poet who was “rock ‘n roll ahead of his time”. 

  • Great escapes of Caledonia Unconnected

    Come with us to haunts of Merlin the magician and heights of Tolkein as our roving blogger Fay Young goes exploring offline, beyond reach of text, tweet and email. 

  • Under the radar: Hometown Social Club is a real gem

    “We wanted to dance to the kind of music we hear in the city…” In his first despatch from West Lothian, guest blogger Davie Kelly describes the journey of discovery that led to the Hometown Social Club and a special party at the Kross Bar on 20th September.  Over to Davie…

  • The character of the Clyde flows through Scotland

    On Clydeside Promenade author Peter Ross adds insight into changing life on the river.  Here  blogger Lucy Brouwer reviews the work of the award winning Glasgow journalist with a special interest in the Clyde, and how it symbolises Scotland’s character.

  • Art stands firm on the Clyde

    As the Clyde flows through Glasgow so it flows through the city’s art. The river banks have played host to an array of public art works inspired by the history, culture and powerful symbolism of the river, writes Lucy Brouwer.

  • Glasgow’s Hidden Culture: Part Three

    And so we reach the Merchant City. On our Clydeside Promenade we encountered yet another aspect of Glasgow’s hidden culture, a side of the city that  it has not wanted you to know about, until recently anyway. A side which is deeply rooted in its past, buried under years of commercial development and regeneration – Glasgow’s role in […]

  • Glasgow’s Hidden Culture: Part Two

      Continuing the search for Glasgow’s hidden culture, it’s time to head East. Last week, we looked extensively at the work of the East End Social, a music events project run by Bridgeton based indie record label Chemikal Underground for Culture 2014. In their own words it is, “A celebration of Glasgow, its East End and the love of music that […]

  • Glasgow’s Hidden Culture: Part One

    As our Clydeside Promenade audio tour clearly illustrates, Glasgow is a lively city, almost bursting at the seams with culture, particularly at the moment with many projects and events taking place across the city under and in light of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural programme. Much of the city’s story is well known – the old industrial heritage, […]

  • East End Social: music beats in Glasgow’s industrial heart

    “Glasgow has really transformed over the last 30 years, it’s a different city now from the city it used to be back in the 70s and 80s and a large part of that change has been down to the music, the culture and the art that the city is now associated with,” says Stewart Henderson, […]

  • Meet the ‘Glasgow Girls’ who helped make the city

    Our Clydeside Promenade audio tour explores so much of the river city’s history – but what about her-story? Over the centuries, the historical representation of women in Glasgow has been somewhat slim. Achievements have been swept beneath the metaphorical rug of history. Key women are not celebrated in the same way and to the same extent as […]