Glasgow Corners

We walk with Glasgow-based architect Niall Murphy and friends exploring the hidden twists and turns of Glasgow’s most captivating corners. Brought to you by Scottish Opera (produced by us) this tour celebrates the arrival of a spectacular new corner, welcoming the public into the grand old Theatre Royal.

Clydeside Promenade

From Govan in the West to Bridgeton in the East End, we walk upstream following the river as it flows through art and architecture, shipbuilding and trade, music and theatre, folklore and living memory, endings and beginnings... in short through the heart and soul of Glasgow itself.

Glasgow's Landmarks

From Glasgow Cathedral up to the Necropolis, from The Glasgow School of Art down to The Clydeport – this is a journey through changing times and shifting fortunes; history recorded in stone and steel, mahogany and marble. At each stop we meet experts who bring the buildings to life.

Glasgow Music Tour

Explore one of the world's greatest music cities. Find the basement club where Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos held his 99p nights. Discover why Glasgow is the favourite gig for musicians from Mogwai to Hue & Cry, Simple Minds to Led Zeppelin. DJ Jim Gellatly leads you to where it happens.
  • Walking in tune with the Festival of Architecture

    How did we get here?  We are really delighted to see Walking Heads audio tours listed among a wonderfully diverse programme of events happening across Scotland. But what, you might well ask, is Glasgow Music Tour doing in the Festival of Architecture Scotland 2016? 

  • Barony A Frame: a symbol of local pride

    It’s visible from a long way off. We catch tantalising glimpses of it as the road winds round fields and farm buildings and then finally we arrive. Dark and stark against a cloudy June sky, the Barony A Frame towers above us; a monument to a way of life that has disappeared but also  – almost […]

  • Making it at T Break

    Back in the mists of time, a young unsigned band loaded their kit into a van and set off on the long and winding road from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire for their first gig at T in the Park.  With this year’s T Break winners just announced it’s worth remembering what a gig in the unsigned band’s tent can lead […]

  • MacSorleys: The Final Waltz

    Gemma Brown pays tribute to MacSorleys and mourns the passing of a venue which brought heart, soul and much good reggae to the city centre. Now read on…

  • Walking music for Celtic Connections 2016

    A moment’s déjà vu as we publish our new Glasgow Music Tour. It’s almost exactly four years since we launched the first version of the audio tour in King Tut’s during Celtic Connections 2012 on a night when snow threatened and Yang Guang the male panda at Edinburgh Zoo was trending on Twitter.  There’s less […]

  • Perpetual reinvention of the Clyde

    We’re currently working on a new version of Glasgow Music Tour which means a lot of rediscovery. Glasgow seems to be in a perpetual state of evolution and you just need to take a stroll along the Clyde to see how dramatically the city has set about reinventing itself.

  • Take a walk on the southside: O2 Academy Glasgow

    We set out to create an audio tour of Glasgow music and indeed it’s impossible to go far in the city without hearing live music from somewhere nearby. But more often than not, it’s a building with a story of its own to tell.  Take a walk on the southside to the O2 Academy.

  • Time for a tea trail: from Glasgow to Ceylon

    Tea time is over. Or so the latest market research suggests. But not in Walking Heads Towers…we are still partial to a cuppa and sometimes even make it the proper way: in a teapot. Which is only right since we are based in the city which gave birth to Thomas Lipton. Oh, come on, you’ve […]

  • Graveyard safaris open trails through human and natural history

    An old lion rests, eyes open, at the edge of the path, bats flitter among branches of an oak tree, a fox slinks into the undergrowth, children’s laughter echoes in the summer evening air. Where in heaven or earth are we?

  • Waterloo, Wellington and the Glasgow cone

    The Duke would have been amused. Far from being offended, the man who defeated Napolean would have seen the point of the cone. So says no less an authority than author and historian Owen Dudley-Edwards

  • Imagine: offline exploring on the Isle of Muck

    Imagine this. You wake to sounds of sheep munching and curlews calling outside the yurt. There’s still a glimmer of life in the woodburning stove. With a cup of tea warm in your hands you open the door to sunrise on the mountains that (some say) inspired Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.

  • Walking heads…and feet

    No excuses. Walking Heads did not get off to a flying start on the first day of Walk to Work Week. But, with some help from our friends at Inner Ear, we were soon at the top of the local workplace league. Fay Young explains how we did it…

  • Take a virtual wander up the street with us

    We’re just heading out for a walk up Sauchiehall Street when we get an email from Antoine. Great news. Glasgow Music Tours – and all our other tours – can now be explored through StreetView.

  • Footnotes: journeys through a changing city

    It’s all about the music, but you can’t walk far on Glasgow Music Tour without meeting many other aspects of this extraordinary city.  So today we’re starting an occasional series of Footnotes, snippets of tantalising glimpses that emerge as we move from one live music destination to another.  

  • Hidden in plain sight: a Mackintosh masterpiece

    “Follow me up this dark and narrow alley, trust me I know where I’m going.”  Well, what are we waiting for?  Let’s join DJ Jim Gellatly, a man with an irresistibly trustable tone of voice, inviting us up a side street. And there’s a surprise in store.

  • Technology solution: don’t be eclipsed

    We are inside the conference room ready to discover new technology solutions but the day begins with a dilemma. What do you do when the total eclipse of the sun clashes with your first keynote speaker?