Clydeside Promenade

From Govan in the West to Bridgeton in the East End, we walk upstream following the river as it flows through art and architecture, shipbuilding and trade, music and theatre, folklore and living memory, endings and beginnings... in short through the heart and soul of Glasgow itself.

Glasgow's Landmarks

From Glasgow Cathedral up to the Necropolis, from The Glasgow School of Art down to The Clydeport – this is a journey through changing times and shifting fortunes; history recorded in stone and steel, mahogany and marble. At each stop we meet experts who bring the buildings to life.

Glasgow Music Tour

Explore one of the world's greatest music cities. Find the basement club where Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos held his 99p nights. Discover why Glasgow is the favourite gig for musicians from Mogwai to Hue & Cry, Simple Minds to Led Zeppelin. DJ Jim Gellatly leads you to where it happens.

Edinburgh Comedy Tour

Discover murky histories of (in)famous comedy venues guided by our (genuinely) blind 'Professor' Jamie MacDonald and guide Harry Gooch. The Stand’s Susan Morrison and Bruce Morton share insider gossip about Frankie Boyle, Jerry Sadowitcz and other Fringe frequenters.
  • Join the Glasgow Chase

    How well do you know your city?  Where do you find the best music, art, architecture or cinema in Glasgow?  To test your local knowledge, join us for our latest treasure hunt at the Buchanan Street Apple Store at 6pm on Thursday 24 July. Bring your iPhone or iPad and be prepared for some surprises. Welcome to the chase. [...]

  • Introducing Clydeside Promenade: The Story of Glasgow’s Living Force

    “Why, I wonder, should it feel so moving just to be here?” asks writer Peter Ross. “Well, the Clyde is not Scotland’s longest river, and it is not the most beautiful, but it is, I would say, the river which lives most vividly within the minds and imagination of the Scottish people. It carries a [...]

  • Your key to Glasgow’s Landmarks, even when doors are closed

    The buskers in Buchanan Street are tuning up for an early evening show. Sounds promising but there’s no time to stop, we’re hot footing it to the Lighthouse to get the key to the doors of Glasgow (or some of them anyway).  And then give it away.   We’ve been a little quiet of late [...]

  • From here to there with Leo and Anto

    “People just wanted to sing – that’s a great Glaswegian trait”. On the road from here to there, Leo Moran tells Anna Levin what it’s like to tour Scotland with Anto Thistlethwaite while the rest of the Saw Doctors take a break. Over to Anna…  “Since the first time we arrived, back in the cold spring of 1989, coming [...]

  • Music and art rise from Glasgow School of Art fire

    After initial despair a new sense of hope is emerging as musicians and artists unite in what’s likely to be the first of many fundraisers in aid of students’ affected by the Glasgow School of Art fire, and the building itself. Take a look at the poster.  It’s interesting to read that David Shrigley had felt [...]

  • Jukebox Journeys Kiwi edition. Part one: Coroglen Tavern

    In her first dispatch from New Zealand, our roving blogger Gemma Brown tracks down a gem of a jukebox and a hot music centre in the stunningly beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. Over to Gemma… It’s been a while since we posted a Jukebox Journey, the want and need for these one time priceless gems has declined [...]

  • Spar or spa? Time to pause in Edinburgh’s poetry garden?

    Not many people know this. Edinburgh’s poetry garden is hidden in the city centre, in the heart of Scotland’s capital. Take a moment and you will find it in that bright green breathing space between the shops, banks and offices of St Andrew Square. This weekend, poetry works its way in to Spa in the [...]

  • Why fly when you can take the Orient Express?

    “Surely this cannot be right.”  My travelling companion is not the only one looking doubtful as we emerge from a tunnel in the dark.  We’ve been told the next train to Istanbul is due to arrive but where is it?  More to the point, where is the platform?   We join the group of backpackers, [...]

  • Great escapes of Caledonia Unconnected

    Come with us to haunts of Merlin the magician and heights of Tolkein as our roving blogger Fay Young goes exploring offline, beyond reach of text, tweet and email.  Where do you go when you want to escape the internet?  The question pops up because one in three tourists complain about poor mobile coverage in scenic spots [...]

  • Edinburgh trams: soon to become a world class ride?

    Ding ding.  There’s another one. Word is going round, in tweets, and more importantly, out in the streets. There’s no doubt about it. Edinburgh’s tram is finally in town. And is that just the faintest whiff of excitement in the air? Watching the test runs gliding along Princes Street you can’t help wondering whether this [...]

  • Keeping it real with Cinema City Treasure Hunt

    “You don’t need a weatherman to say which way the wind blows”.  The busker giving it his all outside Dr Marten’s in Sauchiehall Street was not wrong.  We were walking into a south westerly and it was already full of rain.  Luckily the last lap of our treasure hunt was going to be undercover. The [...]

  • Who’s going for gold on Cinema City Treasure Hunt?

    Making mischief. In true Glasgow spirit we’re hoping to incite a little competitive camaraderie in the Cinema City Treasure Hunt.  Is that possible with an app? Well, we like to think so.  Last year’s live event created quite a buzz in the city centre as competing teams chased each other for clues hidden in shops [...]

  • Ghosts of Glasgow cinema history

    Why would.Miss Cranstone be turning in her grave? Wander down Renfield Street and pause  by a handsome building at Number 15.  Behind that white tiled frontage lies much more than shops and offices.   This is where the formidable Miss Cranstone, she of the tearoom and temperance movement, opened an upmarket cinema in yet another [...]

  • Cinema City Treasure Hunt 2014

    We’re feeling nervously excited. Yesterday we got the word that Cinema City Treasure Hunt has been approved for Apple so it’s available for iPhones. Today we heard it’s now on Android too, just in time for the start of Glasgow Film Festival 2014. Why are we nervous then? This is an experiment. We’re combining two [...]

  • Are you sitting comfortably?

    It doesn’t seem right does it, sipping wine and tucking into fine food while you watch the violence and torture of a lifetime in slavery being played out on the giant screen in front of you? That’s Tim Dowling describing his night out at the pictures, transfixed  by 12 Years A Slave in the uncomfortably [...]

  • Happy Birthday Glasgow Music Tour

    Hard to believe, but almost exactly two years ago, on another cold, wet night, we were celebrating the launch of Glasgow Music Tour at King Tut’s.It was a great party, as you might expect, with music from Woodenbox, Miaoux Miaoux and Jonnie Common. Walking Heads Launch Night from Walking Heads on Vimeo. No birthday celebrating [...]