A Brisk Walk

Length : 41 Minutes


An architecture tour with a twist

DOWNLOAD A Brisk Walk FREE and explore some of Glasgow’s most intriguing buildings at risk.

Silent, empty, enigmatic and often full of potential. Derelict buildings deserve a second look.  This architecture tour with a difference invites you to explore the strange beauty and hidden promise of seemingly forgotten buildings.

Come with Johnny Rodger, Professor of Urban Literature at Glasgow School of Art, on a trail exploring  past, present and future of six very different buildings – from ornate Victorian to minimalist 1960s modernism – in Glasgow city centre.

Symbols of boom, bust and bumping along, every empty building has a story to tell.  There are hints of personal dramas in crumbling walls and fading signs. Sadness, perhaps, behind blank or shuttered windows.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. New use for derelict buildings can transform streets and bring new life to neighbourhoods round them.

A Brisk Walk is a collaboration between Architecture and Design Scotland and Walking Heads and was specially made for the Festival of Architecture Scotland 2016.

Tour Details

11 stops
33 MB
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