Who’s it for? The meaning of welcome at Dundee ‘People’s Museum’

The young dads, a group of single parents, needed somewhere to take their kids at weekends. Why not try the museum, asked the outreach worker. “Oh no”, the young dads say. “That’s for posh people.” But then, persuaded, they come. They see among the displays Dundee football, factories, familiar faces, and they say, “Wow! This is about us. My dad, my granddad, worked in that mill….” […]

Murmur memories of Leith: audio documentary

The sign by the door says BATHS in big white letters. A voice in my ear says this is it. This is where Gina had her bath the night before she got married. What? Here in a swimming pool? […]

Abi’s accidental mountain bothy ‘gig’ finds unexpected fans

Now, building a fan base is an important step – if you want anyone to hear your work. The best way to go about is to gig. In all kinds of venues. That’s right, isn’t it?  […]

Introducing Abi: ‘accidental singer-songwriter’

How to make a music career in the middle of nowhere? Ask Abi Rooley-Towle. She writes her haunting songs and stories from ‘a tumbledy cottage’ roughly half way between Elgin and Forres on that sturdy north-east shoulder of Scotland. […]

Where’s the heart of Glasgow’s historic environment?

Up or down? What does the future hold for Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street? Could this fire-haunted place become the centre of Glasgow City of Music?   […]

Rip It Up and Open Up: museums for everyday people

A gateway opens. Where does it lead? To a wider world? To inspiring people in unexpected places?  To be honest right now I have no idea, but I’m tentatively opening the gate…. Why? […]

Young Fathers: win-win for Scottish can-do creative spirit

  The audience falls silent as Alloysius Massaquoi takes the mic. ‘You’re hearing right,’ he says with a smile,  ‘I’m a black guy with a Scottish accent. I’m not here to take your jobs, or steal your women…’ A pause, the smile grows wicked… […]

Just do it: A Wall Is A Screen in Leith

How to create a pop-up, open-air short film festival? Just do it. When darkness falls city streets and blank walls take on a different identity. Is that a threat or a promise? […]

Journeys into space: Architecture Fringe 2018

Where shall we begin?  In an echoing Cumbernauld underpass maybe. Or with street artists painting forgotten parts of Kelty. Among poets of diversity congregating in Dunoon. Or with female dancers challenging the granite-grey masculinity of Aberdeen? […]

Zombie treasure hunt: infectious outbreak of fun

Gloriously gruesome stuff. No shortage of blood and gore in the usually shiny clean shopping centre, and the air filled with ghastly shrieks. Clearly security staff had been well briefed. No-one turned a hair as a young woman gorged on a corpse in the doorway of Carphone Warehouse. […]

Message from the skies reveals HER story in Edinburgh

When darkness falls HER story comes to light. Fay Young takes an evening walk in Edinburgh and accidentally discovers a message from the skies. […]

Loki and Shogun: Talking Feet Episode 2

Aye, it’s candyfloss. No food for thought. You take it and put it on your tongue and it dissolves, and you’re left with candyfloss. I’d rather a meal, mate. I’d rather sit down and have something to digest […]