Grand Central Hotel

Glasgow CornersLength : 5 Minutes 33 Seconds

Grand by name and by nature

Standing at the corner of Bothwell Street and Hope Street, we see the regal structure of the Grand Central Hotel. It seems so solidly rooted to the spot, yet it occupies the site of the long forgotten Grahamston Village.

Grand Central Hotel was built to serve the station after the historic village was ruthlessly demolished in the 1880s to make way for Caledonian Railway. Karin Currie makes a powerful comparison with modern day construction of the Glasgow motorway which also led to the re-housing of many residents.

Grand by name and nature, the building accommodates a diverse range of styles accumulated across the years, with the original design by Sir Rowand Anderson in 1879 and subsequent extensions by James Miller in classic Glasgow complimentary architectural style.

Asserting its importance with a Swedish-style clock tower, strong Victorian bevelled frontage, castle-like elements and cast iron features, this is truly a building central to Glasgow’s history.