Riverside Club

Glasgow Music CelebratedLength : 2 Minutes 4 Seconds

The former Riverside Club, closed down since 2007, was not for the faint hearted. The traditional Scottish music venue still holds the high energies of the legendary Glasgow ceilidhs and subsequent club nights of the past to this day.

Mary Laurie’s famous dancehall doubled up as a traditional ceilidh hall and later a more modern weekend party-goers hot spot, becoming a legendary venue amongst many different age groups of passionate music lovers in Glasgow.

Acoustic Music Centre, Laurie’s current venue, still plays host to the notorious Riverside Club ceilidh to this day, where you can find fantastic live music and the opportunity to take part in some traditional Scottish dancing on a regular basis.

Music credits at Riverside Club:
Reels – Scotland’s Ceilidh Band
Noo (The First Night)