Scotia Bar

Glasgow Music CelebratedLength : 2 Minutes 16 Seconds

In their heyday the Clyde ferries carried two and a half million passengers a year and more than a few of them would have popped into the Scotia and its close rival The Clutha Vaults, for a glass or two on the way home.

Live music probably got going in earnest around 1862 with the opening of the neighbouring Scotia Music Hall then the largest Variety Theatre in Scotland. There’s no sign of it now, the theatre was destroyed by fire in 1962, but it was right next door to the Scotia and it would have brought performers and theatregoers to join the sailors and workers in the bar.

The tradition continues to this day with a lively music scene. Take a wander inside. There’s a guitar behind the bar if you fancy joining in…

Music extracts at The Scotia – medley of Open Mic, Scottish folk, rock