Before the rise of the digital age, jukeboxes were seen in almost all venues with individual music selections often defining the atmosphere and regular custom for any particular venue. With mobile devices now playing the role of a personal jukebox for so many, these old nickel-in-the-slot machines are gradually becoming a thing of the past. The decline in the jukebox has also seen a sharp decrease in the quality of the musical selections on offer, the majority of jukeboxes now being found in mainstream pubs and bars containing fairly generic and characterless music. It is a rare and exciting site to find a venue with a jukebox disregarding these modern conventions and putting efforts into providing a truly diverse and unique musical selection for it’s customers. This series will explore that exact thing, with our bloggers Gemma and Benny (and some more along the way!) experiencing¬†the very best in jukeboxes from all over Glasgow, and reporting back on what these reputable music selection boxes have on offer.