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Editor in Chief for Walking Heads, Fay is a blogger, writer and editor with a special interest in what makes cities tick.

Glasgow music celebrated

How will Glasgow sound after Covid-19? The question hangs over a city famous for its live music. Thriving venues have been closed and silent for over a year.  But, welcome signs of life returning begin to grow with most Covid restrictions lifting on Monday 9 August.   […]

Deadly serious: Edinburgh Comedy Tour revisited

Streets are busy with people but we have nowhere to go. Walking the old route of the first Edinburgh Comedy Tour, Fay Young wonders what kind of city will emerge from lockdown. […]

Released from lockdown: a song for our time

  From Scotland to Canada via London, four musicians and an artist came together during lockdown to create a song to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontieres, to help the worlds most vulnerable people. Here, Moray-based singer songwriter, Abi Rooley-Towle explains how it happened.  […]

Distanced not divided: how digital media defines our new normal

While urgent response to Coronavirus means we must stay apart, Dougal Perman explains how digital media can help bring us together, providing the vital human connection that is part of healthy everyday life. […]

Love and kindness in a time of Covid19

With Spring greening, human life is in lockdown. How will we survive this unprecedented crisis? Abi Rooley-Towle sees hope in the power of kindness, community love and care. […]

Abi’s five secrets of creative collaboration in rural Scotland

Wanted: collaborating musicians with didgeridoo, duduk, fiddle and guitar. But how to find them? Singer songwriter Abi Rooley-Towle shares secrets of her debut album and the challenge of finding the right mix of creative collaborators ‘in the middle of nowhere’. […]

This is not a love song: just saying Scotland needs the Ironworks

Where did Johnny Rotten have one of his best gigs? Which venue was pivotal in Rachel Sermani’s career? Where did Gerry Cinnamon nearly take the roof down? What’s the best place to play in the Highlands? […]

Who’s it for? The meaning of welcome at Dundee ‘People’s Museum’

The young dads, a group of single parents, needed somewhere to take their kids at weekends. Why not try the museum, asked the outreach worker. “Oh no”, the young dads say. “That’s for posh people.” But then, persuaded, they come. They see among the displays Dundee football, factories, familiar faces, and they say, “Wow! This is about us. My dad, my granddad, worked in that mill….” […]

Murmur memories of Leith: audio documentary

The sign by the door says BATHS in big white letters. A voice in my ear says this is it. This is where Gina had her bath the night before she got married. What? Here in a swimming pool? […]

Introducing Abi: ‘accidental singer-songwriter’

How to make a music career in the middle of nowhere? Ask Abi Rooley-Towle. She writes her haunting songs and stories from ‘a tumbledy cottage’ roughly half way between Elgin and Forres on that sturdy north-east shoulder of Scotland. […]

Where’s the heart of Glasgow’s historic environment?

Up or down? What does the future hold for Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street? Could this fire-haunted place become the centre of Glasgow City of Music?   […]

Rip It Up and Open Up: museums for everyday people

A gateway opens. Where does it lead? To a wider world? To inspiring people in unexpected places?  To be honest right now I have no idea, but I’m tentatively opening the gate…. Why? […]