To celebrate the extensive range of quality music venues featured on our Glasgow Music Tour, we have designed a week-long ‘guess the venue’ competition to test your ‘inside’ knowledge of the fine city’s music scene.

Over the next week (Monday 27 August – Saturday 1 September) we will be posting some strangely ambiguous images of doors which we have taken at music venues all over Glasgow and asking you to guess which venue they belong to, with some bonus questions and prizes up for grabs along the way. You can follow the competition by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr and checking back daily for our next mysterious image question.

The person or organisation with the most correct answers at the end of the week will win a variety of Scottish music goodies including very rare vinyl from Found, CDs from Soma Records and many more exclusive items courtesy of Chemikal Underground

You don’t have to download the Glasgow Music Tour App or MP3  – or do the tour itself – to take part in the competition (though of course you won’t regret it). But some extra inside knowledge might come in handy to answer the bonus questions.