“It would get vicious hot in there, vicious hot…”
The sight of Vic Galloway in a three piece tweed suit at The SAY Award in the Barrowland brought to mind a good Bruce Morton story from our Edinburgh Comedy Tour.

When BBC DJ Vic Galloway joked with co-presenter Janice Forsyth about wearing a tweed suit on the hottest night of the year, up sprung Bruce’s tale of Miles Jupp in the old Underbelly venue, a place that would surely send Health and Safety Inspectors mad. Bruce recalls one Fringe show he was directing….

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton shares insider gossip on Edinburgh Comedy Tour


“It would get vicious hot in there, vicious hot.
In fact when I was directing Miles show – Miles Jupp plays this rather posh chap – at the start of the show, he came out and he was perspiring within seconds and he says,

“Just want to say if there are any posh people in I do apologise for wearing tweed after dark”.

Sadly there are no photographic records of that show but you can still enjoy the sensational night at the Barrowland (and admire Vic’s very smart suit) on Radio Magnetic’s Livestream of the event. And of course you can still download our Edinburgh Comedy Tour for the full Fringe atmosphere as Glasgow comedian Bruce Morton joins Susan Morrison to add some insider gossip of Edinburgh’s comedy scene while our guides Jamie MacDonald and Harry Gooch play havoc with history.