We’re feeling nervously excited. Yesterday we got the word that Cinema City Treasure Hunt has been approved for Apple so it’s available for iPhones. Today we heard it’s now on Android too, just in time for the start of Glasgow Film Festival 2014. Why are we nervous then?

This is an experiment. We’re combining two perhaps conflicting ideas. A digital event (a downloadable audio adventure based on Glasgow’s cinema history )  spliced with a live experience (an actual quiz in real time with real people).

Cinema City flyer

The inspiration comes from last year’s Cinema City Treasure Hunt which had teams of people chasing through Glasgow city centre one Saturday afternoon at the end of the film festival. It was so much fun everyone wanted to do it again. Including Walking Heads and the Glasgow Film Festival team.

But we also wanted to see if we could build on the digital experience. Gaming is an interesting new development for audio tours.  We’re intrigued by the challenge of creating a treasure hunt that leads people through Glasgow’s amazing cinema history.  And as it happens Guidigo, an international platform for audio tours, has recently added a beautifully flexible new gaming function.

So here we are, just  about to launch our first treasure hunt app, an interactive game with hidden stops.

Mr Cosmo

Mr Cosmo welcomes you, to unlock hidden stops you have to solve riddles.

At each stop you hear a little more about some wonderful old cinemas, evocatively told by cinema historian Gordon Barr. To unlock the location of the next stop you have to solve riddles, complete challenges and answer questions set by our quiz master Austin Yuill.

Without giving anything away, some of the tasks might seem deceptively easy but we do ask you to use your imagination and perhaps overcome inhibitions. But if last year’s treasure hunt teams are anything to go by, there’s no such thing as inhibition when it comes to solving photographic riddles.

Team Brown drinking poison

We wanted to add the live element because there was such a great buzz in the Saramago Bar last year as teams came back keen with their answers and photographs. This year we’re back at the Saramago and this time Austin is hosting a live quiz  with questions to test your powers of observation and memory.  So participants are asked to keep eyes and ears open as the trail unwinds. There will also be bonus points for people who have collected hidden clues and film props on the way round the route.

Is that asking too much?  We will find out.  The good news is that we got great feedback from our lovely team of volunteers who tried our treasure hunt app on a test run last weekend.  As Graeme put it: “It’s fun and we learned a lot.” So do join us from 20 February to 2 March.  For full details about how to play click on our Cinema City page.