Confession. We’ve been sitting on a huge treasure chest of sounds. In just a short walk through the city centre, Glasgow Music Tour meets an astonishing mix of musicians and at least one poet. 

Take a musical stroll with us through the underground. Here’s DJs Shadow and Sneak, Felix Da Housecat and Grandmaster Flash, Underworld and Daft Punk, Half Man, Half Biscuit and Tricky. Belle and Sebastian and Ozomatli…


Liz Lochhead image by Norman McBeath – a voice at The Arches on Glasgow Music Tour


And, pausing by the Arches, here’s Liz Lochhead. Not just Scotland’s poet laureate (or Makar in the old Scots word) but, like techno DJ Carl Cox, a patron of this extraordinarily multicultural (in any sense you like to pick) venue where we find a mesmerising multiplicity of musicians.

So between the holiday festivities, as a little extra gift, here’s the YouTube underground playlist – in other words it starts underground and leads through the city centre club scene. As always there’s plenty of good chat along the way.

And if you haven’t done the tour around town yet, you can download our Glasgow Music Tour app from the new GuidiGO website for international audio walking tours. If you’re visiting Glasgow for the first time, or know the city well and just fancy a walk, why not join DJ Jim Gellatly for a stroll through the City of Music. And, let us know about your favourite gigs and stories we can add to the tour.

The Arches Soundtrack

  • Carl Cox
  • Liz Lochhead
  • Slam
  • Jeff Mills
  • Richie Horton
  • Pete Tong
  • Laurent Garney
  • Felix Da Housecat
  • DJ Shadow
  • Grandmaster Flash
  • DJ Sneak
  • Derek Carter
  • Andrew Weatherall
  • Underworld 2:50
  • Daft Punk
  • Belle and Sebastian
  • Half Man, Half Biscuit
  • Jurassic Five
  • Candy Staton
  • Jocelyn Brown
  • The Wu Tang Clan
  • Tricky
  • Phoenix
  •  The Fall
  • Soul to Soul
  • Ozomatli