Celebrating our fifth anniversary we’re on a mischievous journey back in time. Meet Doctor When who juggles a few ‘alternative facts’ about Robert Plant and his parting gift to Glasgow Apollo – though one of them is true.  But which one?

And who is Doctor When?  Since Peter Capaldi announced he was retiring as the Time Lord the bets are on for his replacement.  But while speculation rages perhaps we’ve found the ideal successor.

Follow our new superhero on his travels through Glasgow fact and folklore. There’s always a grain or two of truth in there but you will have to track the source to the stories on our audio tours of Glasgow Music and wide ranging city culture.

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And we are finding it hard to believe it is really five years since we launched Glasgow Music Tour at King Tut’s – on 30 January, 2012 to be precise.  In that time the tour has spread far and wide with our guide Jim Gellatly on a ceaseless journey across time and space, following the trail of bands, gigs and venues, around the city of music.  Almost a Time Lord, you might say.

Glasgow Music Tour from Walking Heads on Vimeo.

The story keeps evolving. Landmarks shift and tragic events take their toll. Sadly one of Glasgow’s most dynamic arts spaces, The Arches, closed in 2015, and the loss is still deeply felt (we tell the story HERE). But the restoration of The Clutha – back with renewed heart and soul after the helicopter crash of November 2013 – is an uplifting message of hope and a symbol of the spirit of Glasgow (hear HERE).

Then there’s The Apollo. As Doctor When explains, it was demolished in 1985, and yet it’s one of the most popular destinations on the tour, stirring thousands of memories. It’s an endless tale. As 2017 begins we have plans to add more destinations to Glasgow Music Tour. Follow us east, west and south of the river.

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Some say Doctor When is merely a figment of fertile imaginations and creative talents. None other than Benny Robb, Gordon Somerville, Dougal Perman and Amanda Mitchell.

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