“There’s soooo much more to King Tut’s”.  At the start of what may be the best and biggest 25th birthday party on record, we offer a celebration clip from one of our favourite stopping points on Glasgow Music Tour. 

Here we are at 272a St Vincent Street – the surprisingly unassuming basement entrance to what has become a venerable institution in a relatively short space of time. 

Jim gets straight to the heart of King Tut’s, renowned the world over for treating their bands well (so well Manic Street Preachers dedicated a song of thanks to “the first venue to treat us properly and give us hot food on tour” when they played T in the Park in 1999). 

Download Underground Sounds (route 3 of our marathon Glasgow Music Tour) to follow Jim inside King Tut’s as he talks about other bands.  They come and go.  And some come back again, famous. Like the punk Johnny and the Self Abusers who returned as Simple Minds in 2005. 

Jim at KingTuts

Jim climbs the stairs of fame: screen grab from Marco Federici’s video featured on STVGlasgow Riverside Show

Not to mention (ok, we will)  Beck, Crowded House, White Stripes, Blur, Pulp, Radiohead, The Verve…

There’s also that, much hyped story, about the signing of Oasis. Jim dispels a myth or two. Then there’s the famous jukebox which features on one of our Jukebox Journeys. And an even more famous urinal. Sorry we haven’t got a picture of it but, gentlemen, you can always go inside to see it for yourselves.

And this is where we held our first Glasgow Music Tour launch party (no, not in the urinal, we were in the bar!). Since then of course we’ve been back many times. For a recent STV Riverside Show tour Jim relived some of his favourite gigs starting on the first step of the stairs in 1990 when the venue opened.

Maybe you would like to share some with us too? But first you will be wanting to check what’s on during the 25th birthday month: Party at the Hut. And the t shirt to go with it?